Foot Care Heavy Feet Relief Gel (Tired Legs)

Size: 100 ml

* This balanced gel with oils perfectly removes everyday heaviness in feet

* Relieves tension and fatigue

* Menthol forming part of the gel tonifies and calms skin, arises coolness

* Nourishes and softens

* Prevents dry skin and provides 24 hour protection

Product#  FCHFRG100

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Size: 100 ml

This balanced gel with oils perfectly removes everyday heaviness in feet. Menthol forming part of the gel tonifies and calms skin, arises coolness. Saturated highly active gel is designed to relieve daytime heaviness and tired feet. Its action appears immediately and lasts for 30-40 minutes.

  • NOURISH AND SOFTEN – Essential oils (Almond oil, Hazelnut oil) strongly soften,  nourish and moisturize foot skin. Mint and Eucalyptus oils have antiseptic and soothing effect, quickly relieve fatigue. Tea tree oil has an antimicrobial and bactericidal effect.
  • RELIEVES TENSION AND FATIGUE - Menthol cools quickly, effectively relieves the feeling of "heavy" legs, relieves tension and fatigue after a hard day.
  • PROTECTION 24 HOURS - Created on the basis of a powerful complex of natural antiseptics, gel protects the feet and leaves a comfort sense of softness for 24 hours.
  • PREVENTS DRY SKIN - Used daily, foot gel helps to prevent dry skin, sooths rough, tough and cracked skin, even under the harsh conditions.

PERFECT COMBINATION OF NATURAL COMPONENTS: Tea Tree, Mint, Eucalyptus, Almond and Hazelnut Oils, Menthol, Vitamins. No harsh chemicals such as Sulfates, Parabens, Petrochemicals. Dermatologists tested, no animal testing.

Beautiful and well-groomed legs give a feeling of confidence to every woman. For easy walking, soft and smooth heels, the legs should be provided with regular and systematic care: daily relieve the feeling of heaviness and tiredness in the legs, soften and nourish the feet, preventing cracks and corns, regularly deodorize and refresh feet and shoes, once a week peel dead and hardened skin cells.

Foot Care series is designed to care for tired skin of the feet. Give your feet unsurpassed care, freshness and lightness with the “Foot Care” line. Cosmetic line products are designed to meet the various needs in the care of the feet and carefully take care of the beauty and health of the skin. Regular use of the gamma of this line will allow you to moisturize and soften the skin, soften and eliminate corns and corns. Give the skin of the feet a comprehensive care, and your feet will always be soft and smooth, like a baby's!


  • TEA TREE OIL has an antimicrobial and  bactericidal effect.
  • MENTHOL cools quickly, effectively relieves the feeling of "heavy" legs, relieves tension and fatigue after a hard day.
  • LANOLIN promotes the healing of cracks and prevents their appearance.
  • COCONUT, CEDAR, APRICOT AND SHEA BUTTER  intensively nourish and soften the skin of the feet, giving it softness and smoothness.
  • KERATIN strengthens the nail plate, protecting it from fragility.
  • TRICLOSAN provides the skin of the feet with reliable protection against bacteria.
  • D-PANTHENOL improves the protective functions of the skin, has a regenerating effect, makes the skin silky and smooth.
  • CHESTNUT AND GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACTS stimulate blood microcirculation, improve the elasticity of blood vessel walls, reduce puffiness.

Ingredients Tea Tree, Mint, Eucalyptus, Almond and Hazelnut Oils, Menthol,  Vitamins

Application: Apply the gel on clean skin of the feet, gently massage until completely  absorbed.

Product#  FCHFRG100

RUS. УХОД ЗА НОГАМИ Гель для снятия усталости ног, 100мл. Охлаждает, успокаивает, дезодорирует. 

At we are committed to the highest quality service and are always available to answer you questions. Feel free to contact us at  tel.905-551-0844 or e-mail us at 

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